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Why we’re different to other IT support companies

Historically IT support was reactive, only offering a break/fix solution. As a True Managed Services Provider (MSP) we differentiate ourselves from these IT support companies by providing a complete pro-active end to end managed service. This includes strategic advice helping you map the future of your IT systems, an IT helpdesk who quickly resolve day-to-day issues and backup and security services to protect your data. Below you will find our service offerings which detail the main aspects of an MSP.

Why is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) more than just IT support?

Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a relatively new term in the industry which differs from typical IT support. With traditional IT support, an organisation would sign up to a break/fix contract where your users would call a helpdesk when something went wrong with their PC. The break/fix model is a reactive way of looking after IT systems which can be frustrating at times, with limited input from the support company. With the MSP model your IT systems are monitored and proactively maintained. In many cases problems which would occur with traditional IT support are prevented. This reduces the number of issues, resulting in less downtime and more productivity.


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From firewalls to antivirus software and spam filters, True MSP can provide a full range of security products and services to secure your organisation

If you wish to move your email, file storage or servers to the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 and Azure are great solutions which True MSP offer

Learn how your organisation can benefit from our hybrid cloud based backup and disaster recovery systems

From ADSL and Fibre broadband to leased lines and VOIP phone systems. Our solutions are cost effective and easy to manage

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About Us

True MSP was formed to offer a fresh approach to IT support and services. After networking with numerous business owners it became clear to Tim and Neil, True MSP’s founders that although there are several companies offering IT services, many were leaving their clients frustrated with slow response times and poor customer service. Some of the larger support companies lost their personal touch, offering their clients a ticket number rather than a real person to deal with. Something True MSP will never do!

By focusing on simplicity and only partnering with a handful of the world’s best IT software and hardware vendors we know you’re getting the best IT experience possible. Our team know all of the products inside and out, are passionate about IT and understand the value of great customer service.

We don’t expect our staff to be at their best without making sure they have a great environment to work in. Every member of the team has a fast workstation with large crystal clear screens, the comfiest telephone headset, high quality ergonomic chair and big desk. Our office is open-plan and bright with the focus being on collaboration and communication.

We’ve invested in the most efficient support CRM software and remote desktop tools to allow our team to quickly connect, diagnose and resolve support issues.  We firmly believe giving our team the best equipment and investing in our systems, creates a happier and more productive team. Knowing our team is happy means they will provide you and your organisation with the best customer service and IT management experience possible.

Our Clients

True MSP have a diverse client base, working with small to medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations from 10 to 250 users, primarily covering the East Midlands. If you’re looking for a complete solution to your IT needs please review our range of services.

Our Partners

We only partner and work with a select number of vendors which we believe offer the best products and are at the forefront of technology. This allows our team to really get to know our partners products in-depth.

Having both been in the IT industry for 20 years, we have a wealth of technical and managerial experience. We’ve worked our way from entry level support through to consultancy and having ran a business we understand how IT systems complement and benefit your day-to-day operations. At True MSP we want our clients to have the best possible experience and truly believe any support starts with great customer service and caring about your clients, rather than focusing on a purely technical solution.

Tim Rookes & Neil Shaw