Microsoft Azure

Smart and secure in the cloud.

Manage all your business systems and data in the cloud, with Microsoft's class leading security, rapid deloyment and data insights.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's hybrid cloud application.

Microsoft Azure lets you be more agile and grow faster. The platform allows you to scale your business as you need to, and host all of your business data and systems securely in the cloud in a single system with leading security.

Innovate and experiment

With no upfront investment or complex infrastructure, Azure lets you innovate and experiment with new features to help streamline your business.

Save money with a scalable system.

With a fully scalable system, you only need to pay for the storage and computing time you actually need. No more being locked in to expensive storage and bandwidth levels you don't need, as you can scale this up or down as your demands change.

Insights, analytics and business intelligence.

Azure's advanced end to end cloud analytics and business intelligence lets you draw deep insights to make faster, more efficient decisions.

See what Microsoft Azure can do for your business

Potential cost of ownership savings by switching from on premise to Azure.
Average 3 year workload cost savings by running on Azure.

Saving on infrastructure costs by switching to Azure.

What can Azure do?

Windows server
Migrate your Windows server workloads to Azure for innovation and security.

SQL server
Migrate you SQL server databases with no application code changes.

Design, build and deploy AI solutions with speech, vision, language and decision making models.

SAP and .NET applications
Roll out features with ASP.NET and SAP applications in the cloud.

Bring your people, processes and products together to bring better value to your teams and customers.

Low code development
Build applications faster from development, testing and go live with less code.

Why choose Microsoft Azure?

Rapid setup

Azure cannot be matched for speed of deployment, operation and scalability.

Pay less

Reduce costs for building, expanding and managing your IT. Only pay for the computer processing time and storage that you need.

Big data insights

Uncover business insights through advanced analytics for both traditional and new data sources. Detect anomalies, predict behaviours and recommend actions for your business.

Our Microsoft Azure packages

Cloud assessment

Our Cloud assessment pack gets a clear picture of what your current infrastructure is doing and what it would cost to run in Azure, as well as presenting other options such as refactoring as a comparison against lift shift.

This will provide a clear understanding of how to move your apps, data and infrastructure to Azure using a proven cloud migration approach.

We'll use Microsoft's assessment tool kit as well as our own Azure genius skills and knowledge to document and report on what you're current infrastructure is doing. What resources it's using, and what resources it would need.

We'll pull it all together in a report that's simple to understand and can help show you not only what Azure could cost you, but explain the other ways it can help in terms of resilience, DR and performance.

Windows virtual desktop

The Windows Virtual Desktop package allows you to use Azure to deliver a Windows 11 desktop experience to your users wherever they are.

Access to all their apps and data in a single, centralised desktop allowing them to access their data securely and efficiently. Using the power of Azure to run at scale and highly available.

From a few remote users to the entire business. WVD can be a integral part of allowing your business to continue to access that LOB application from any location, whilst maintaining the highest possible security and access. All within a familiar W11 environment.

Infrastructure as a service

Allows modernisation of infrastructure, reducing risk and CAPEX spend, whilst allowing existing software to continue to run without costly redeployment/upgrade.

Use Microsoft Azure to access and run on hardware that wouldn't be cost effective to mirror on premise. Use the massively global scale and reach to deploy and utlise the services you need on a PAYG model or fixed price.

Line of business pilot

Our Line of Business Pilot is a scoped pilot to confirm and demonstrate that you LOB application can be migrated to Azure. To an environment that allows you to test it's performance, confirm it's costs and usage that can become the first step to a full migration.

We'll setup your Azure environment and replicate your LOB application into Azure to demonstrate that it can work just as effectivley as it does in it's current home, if not better.

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