Protect your business with data backup

Most businesses have data they want to keep safe. Anything from the latest document they’re working on, to large files that form the basis of the business’s intellectual property. And we’ve all accidentally deleted a file, only to find it’s not in the recycle bin or anywhere on the network. This can mean replicating hours of work.

However big or small a data loss is, one thing is for certain; if said data were to disappear there can be a world of problems. Unplanned downtime, lapses in productivity, and potentially a financial hit that could cripple a business – quite possibly into failure.

Data backup can take hourly snapshots of your IT so that if a file is permanently deleted you can roll back to a previous restore point

And with True MSP’s True Protect data backup service, we utilise Datto technology to do exactly that. As Datto Professional Partners and certified to their advanced technical standard, our team knows every trick in the book for minimising downtime. Even when there’s a total, site-wide disaster.

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With Datto’s data backup solution, you can:

Restore a failed server by ‘spinning up’ a virtual copy

Restore any saved file instantly

Detect and protect your data backup from cyber-attacks


Store your data both locally on a Datto device and in their UK based datacentre

Encrypt your data both locally and in the Datto cloud

Keep server downtime to a minimum

The last thing you need when running your business is unnecessarily stressing that your data may not be there in the morning. True Protect can provide your business with the security and peace of mind you need to focus on your work.

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