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Suffering a slow internet connection isn’t just a small frustration. Business broadband forms so much of your operations, especially in today’s age of remote work. This means a slow internet can do anything from place a dent in your business’s productivity, to seriously impacting your bottom line.

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This is where our True Connect business broadband comes in

We offer every type of business broadband you could need. From leased lines to superfast fibre solutions, we have the connectivity solution for you.

Plus, it’s delivered as a managed service. This means there’s never any questioning or stressing over who to contact if there are any issues.

“Now fully onboarded as our MSP, they’ve resolved all outstanding issues with our broadband, WiFi, and network, replacing kit where required with cost-effective and reliable solutions.”

Joe Garland – Eventurous Ltd
Team Building and Corporate Events Company

Here are three of the most common questions we get asked about True Connect business broadband

What products are available?

Everything from ADSL through to a dedicated leased line. This is generally Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) – the common solution found in homes. Also, don’t worry if you’re outside an FTTC area, we can supply leased lines and other managed internet connections.

What happens if there’s no service in my area?

No problem, we also work with vendors offering 4G data and satellite broadband. This is ideal for businesses who have multiple sites, either remotely located or mobile (Building sites, etc).


How quickly could I have the service installed?

Typically, FTTC will be installed and ready to go within 14 days. Leased lines take a little longer at around 60 days due to the planning, paperwork, and legal requirements. That said, we’re averaging around 35 days from start to finish.

Of course, those may just be the start of your business broadband conundrums. So, if you would like to talk them through in detail or simply don’t know where to start, click below and talk to a business broadband expert today.

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