Disaster Recovery

The ultimate business continuity plan to respond to any challenge.

We take care of your entire infrastructure, from physical to virtual. So should the worse happen, you can access everything instantly.

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Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery service ensures full continuity of service should the worst occur.

With hybrid physical and cloud based image backups, your data is 100% protected. With modern day threats like cyber attacks, ransomware, user error or even a natural disaster; our recovery service ensures downtime is minimised, and you can be back up running in no time.

True Recover gives you the peace of mind to run your business and focus on what matters, secure in the knowledge your data is 100% protected.

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Disaster can strike at any time, and the impact can be crippling


Of businesses experience some form of downtime resulting in loss of data, productivity, or revenue.

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The average length it takes a business to recover from a disaster.
How much it costs a small business for every hour of downtime it suffers.
The percentage of companies that never fully recover from a disaster

Disaster Recovery services don't just create a copy of your data, they outline and test a series of procedures designed to minimise damage to your business.

Discover how Datto technology ensures complete data recovery

Our Disaster Recovery services are powered by the latest Datto technology, offering secure local virtualisation. Creating scheduled copies of your entire infrastructure - be it physical or virtual - that can be accessed instantly. This keeps your lost data and damage to your business to a minimum.
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Business continuity & disaster recovery

An all-in-one solution built to respond to any digital or physical challenge.
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Designed for small businesses

Image based backups and hybrid cloud models ensure you get enterprise level disaster recovery services at an SME price.
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Local, virtual and cloud environments

Your data is backed up across a hybrid model, ensuring multi-layer protection that's accessible through a single platform.

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