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Still using on-premises systems? Get ready to transform your business with cloud computing.

Transform your efficiency, security and productivity all whilst saving money, with the latest cloud computing

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Cloud Computing

At True MSP, we're experts in cloud computing. Our team can help discuss and spec out the best solution for your business to transform how you work, and save you money.

If you have on-premises data and a remote team, then cloud computing solutions are definitely something to consider.

Cloud computing solutions can work wonders for your business's efficiency and security. Not to mention potentially facilitate work in a new remote world.

Think of all the elements that make up your IT. Your servers, your networks, your data storage. Even your analytics. This can all be facilitated by hardware that lives firmly within your office.

But today we're seeing more and more benefits to letting remote, cloud computing solutions handle potentially everything you would want from your IT.

Should you go public, private, or hybrid?

The Cloud can usher in various benefits. Namely, cost savings and the ability to be flexible and adapt to changing business needs. However, before you dive straight in, consider exactly what your business's needs are, as that will determine which of the below cloud computing solutions is ideal for your business.
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Public cloud

Here, every element of your IT is managed by a large-scale cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. These companies host many other users' data. Then all you need is a web browser to access your IT.

This is ideal for:

The business that wants to remain as agile as possible. Public cloud can be deployed faster than a private cloud and are easily scalable. Plus, you can avoid any stress involved in managing or maintaining a cloud server.

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Private cloud

Instead of a large third party like Microsoft Azure looking after your data, a private cloud is your own physical server that you're in complete control of. These are typically on-premises but there are in fact third-party companies that will host your private cloud for you.

This is ideal for:

The business that needs complete control over their data and additional security. In certain sectors like legal or Government, this can be non-negotiable.

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Hybrid cloud

This is the combination of public and private clouds. Store some of your data in your own private cloud and some of it in a public cloud.

This is ideal for:

The business that has a range of data types and sizes; some of it is best stored locally, some of it is best stored publicly. For example, a business may have large files that local cloud computing solutions will ensure easier access to. Then they may also wish to store smaller files on a public cloud for day-to-day usage. This allows a business to get the best of both worlds.

What cloud computing solutions can do for your business

Every client we've migrated to the Cloud is working more efficiency, with feature-rich applications the old infrastructure couldn't offer.
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Improving efficiencies

“Moving our services to the Cloud was a great suggestion and throughout the process, True MSP kept us in the loop with regular updates and advice on how we could improve efficiencies.”

Joe Garland, Eventurous Ltd, Corporate Events

Streamlined and secure

“We've moved to a cloud-based system using Micrsoft 365 for email and file storage, so our data is securely accessible from anywhere.

By following their advice, we have streamlined our system and made it more secure, simple and accessible.”

David Baiden, Musson Liggins, Property Consultants

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