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Protect against cyber attacks, win more business and save money by becoming Cyber Essentials certified.

Learn to protect yourself and your customers businesses from cyber-attacks with the official Government backed cybersecurity scheme.

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Cyber Essentials Certification

Become Cyber Essentials Certified and show you take security seriously. 

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that helps train businesses to protect themselves against common cyber attacks. Cyber Essentials Certification is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to security, increase trust with customers, and even brings down business insurance premiums. It's also a requirement for any government contracts, opening up new opportunities.

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What are the benefits of Cyber Essentials Certifications

You'll be more aware of the most common and easiest to avoid cyber-attacks.
Demonstrate to your customers that you're taking cyber security seriously. This can strengthen the relationship you have and quite possibly lead to further business from them.
Equally, you'll demonstrate to your prospect that you're taking cyber security seriously. This can prove useful during the sales process and help you to win more business.
Reduce your insurance premiums.
Opportunities to win more business by being featured on the Government's Cyber Security Directory.
Win potentially better quality business with government contracts, as they require everyone they work with to have a Cyber Essentials Certification.

Be more efficient as a business. The Cyber Essentials Certification will offer a holistic view of your security, presenting a clearer idea of how your security systems are behaving.

Choose your Cyber Essentials Certificiation route

Cyber Essentials

A self-assessment that takes you through all the competencies required for avoiding the most common cyber-attacks. These include:
  • Using a Firewall
  • Controlling access to your data and services
  • Keeping your devices and software up to date

Cyber Essentials Plus

All the requirements of a Cyber Essentials Certification but with hands-on technical verification performed on your premises. This involves manually testing your anti-malware practices. You'll also receive authenticated vulnerability scans on workstations.

Cyber Essentials Plus certification is ideal for the business that wants to be doubly sure their cyber security is firing on all cylinders whilst demonstrating their extra dedication and professionalism.

What our full Cyber Essentials Certification plan looks like

To make our Cyber Essentials Certification package transparent and prevent you from being tied into any high-cost work, we follow a simple 3 step plan.

Step 1

We come to your office and assess your current security solutions and create a report detailing any steps that are necessary to get you Cyber Essentials certified.

Once complete we will discuss any work which is required to become Cyber Essentials compliant.

£500 + VAT fixed fee

Step 2

Using our report, we make remedial changes to your security policies, servers, network, and firewall.

If our report doesn't list any hardware upgrades, this will see you business completing the Cyber Essentials process and becoming certified.

£1,000 + VAT fixed fee

Step 3

If your existing network infrastructure isn't able to meet the Cyber Essentials criteria, we will document this in our initial report.

Sometimes upgrading your firewall or security products will be enough to meet their criteria, while with some networks it may involve replacing PCs and other devices.

Cost depends on your setup

No commitment. If after Step 1 you decide that it's not cost-effective to pursue the certification, you're free to stop the process.

Network infrastructure review. If your business requires Step 3, we will go over all the options with you to ensure you're getting value for money and the right solutions for your business.

No upsell. Since we don't have salespeople and we're not driven by commission, we'll only offer you the security services we think you need to become certified.

In fact, most of the time Cyber Essentials Certifications can happen with just a simple report and a few changes to your network. That means zero additional hardware costs.

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