Cyber Security

All the cyber security services your business needs to stay safe

Cybercrime is one of the quickest ways for your business to instantly lose vast amounts of revenue. In some cases, it can completely dismantle a business that isn’t prepared. 2020 saw a 600% rise in cybercrime due to COVID-19 and the rise of remote work. Therefore, keeping one step ahead of the cybercriminals has never been more important.

Choose from our three core cyber security services

Network cyber security services


Additional security layered on top of your current firewall.

Protection for your MS 365 environment


That extra layer of protection for all your cloud data.

Cyber Esstentials certification


Cheaper insurance, new business opportunities, and more when you take this certification.

What gives our cyber security services the edge?

At True MSP, we encourage our team to explore their strengths and interests. This means we’ve developed a team of dedicated experts. Therefore, when you work with our cyber security services, you’ll be working with technicians who will live and breathe your cyber security.

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