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Helping you protect your business critical data.

Our data & security services help to protect your data with the latest cyber security services. Backed up with the confidence of our cloud migration, data backup, and business continuity and recovery services, you can be confident you have a life line should you ever need it.

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Why is cybersecurity and data backup vital for your business?

Cybercrime and data loss is one of the quickest ways for a business to lose huge amounts of revenue, destroy your reputation and can often lead to the end of a business.

Cyber security services. With a huge rise in cyber-attacks of as much as 600%, malware, ransomware, phishing and targeted business attacks are an ever increasing threat. Since the start of covid and remote working, there has never been a greater need to ensure your business stays safe.

With more people working remotely, on different devices and networks, it’s vital your systems have the latest security software and your staff are trained through systems such as Cyber Essentials Certification.

Data backups and data recovery. It’s also vital to have a well established business continuity plan. Our data migration, backup, and recovery systems make sure that if the worst happens - from cyber attacks, human error, or fires and floods, then you can get your business back up and running in no time.

Network security, firewalls, and M365 security protect your cloud data and important client PII across networks and devices.
Cyber Essentials certification increases your team’s security knowledge and processes, allows you to get cheaper business insurance and opens up new business opportunities.

Data backups protect your data from accidental deletion, unplanned downtime, cyber attacks and system failures.

Continuity and disaster recovery allow you to get your key assests and systems up and running quickly should a disaster occur.

Cybersecurity & data backup services

Discover our range of services to boost your cybersecurity and business continuity plans.

Microsoft 365 Security

Protect your cloud data with True Protect.

Our True Protect for Microsoft 365 service offers 3 levels of protection for your cloud data, all for an affordable per user per month price.

Featuring comprehensive security features, including robust endpoint anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Safeguard against phishing attacks, ransomware, and suspicious emails and websites. Additionally, benefit from cloud backups to prevent data loss due to user errors or license cancellations

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Huntress EDR, MDR & Training

Protect your endpoints, identities and employees with the latest managed security platform from Huntress.

Protect against attacks in realtime with managed EDR, keep your M365 environments safe with MDR and train your teams to avoid phishing, malware and more.

Discover Huntress Security

Cyber Essentials

Protect against cyber attacks, win more business and save money with Cyber Eessentials certification.

Cyber Essentials, a government-endorsed program, equips businesses with the tools to defend against prevalent cyber threats. By obtaining Cyber Essentials Certification, you not only showcase your dedication to security but also foster customer trust. Additionally, this certification can lead to reduced business insurance costs. It’s also a prerequisite for government contracts!

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Data Backup

Protect your business with data backups.

Our data backup services give you multi-level security by taking hourly snapshots of your IT systems and data and encrypting onto a local device that also syncs to the cloud.

This 2 pronged backup ensures you can have complete peace of mind that should you accidentally delete files, have a server outage or suffer a cyber-attack, we can get you back up and running with minimal downtime.

Discover Data Backup packages

Disaster Recovery

The ultimate business continuity plan to respond to any challenge.

Our disaster recovery service takes care of your entire infrastructure, be it physical or virtual, by using an image-based and hybrid cloud model to ensure that should the worse happen, you can access everything instantly.

So you can focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that your data is 100% protected.

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Cloud Migration

Move to the cloud quickly and easily with our cloud migrations packages.

Experience True MSP’s focused and efficient cloud migration services, empowering your business to enhance efficiency and foster collaboration seamlessly.

With full training, support and implementation, our fixed price packages are perfect to help you move to the cloud.

Discover Cloud Migration packages

Cloud Computing

Still using on-premises systems? Get ready to transform your business with cloud computing.

If you’re still using on-premise systems and data, then moving to the cloud can help transform your efficiency, security and is often considerably cheaper.

Our team are here to help discuss your needs and tailor a solution that can help transform your business.

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