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How Cloud Technologies Elevate Professional Services

The Cloud has become a growing presence in business technology, and it’s not hard to see why. Outside of the events of 2020 – where Covid-19 forced many of us into remote working environments – Cloud services have since defined the worldwide workplace.  

For the professional services provider, that workplace is fast-moving, fiercely competitive, and dependant on the brightest minds. With the Cloud now a near-unanimous force in the modern workplace, how do professional services providers make their Cloud solution not only an enabler – but an innovator? 

Wider Reach

When your industry thrives on professionals, experts and specialists, you want to extend your reach to the industry’s best. The Cloud, being always-online, makes this much easier.  

By providing an ever-connected workplace at any time, from any connection, the Cloud sidesteps the complications of working hours and locations. For managers and recruiters, this means attracting a pool of talent from far further afield, where location, distance and even time zones are no longer part of the equation. Not only does this provide far more flexibility for your business, it makes it an attractive prospect for your industry’s top performers. 

Connecting with Clients  

On the subject of reach, consider the Cloud’s potential – if not its requirement – as a client relationship manager. When your work is time-sensitive and bespoke, you want clients to be able to view the status of their requests, and submit questions or amendments at a time that suits them.  

With the Cloud, clients have access to their documents or personal data securely at any time. Platforms such as Microsoft Azure can help speed up service requests with powerful automation tools, while leveraging comms solutions such as VoIP provides multiple ways for clients to stay in touch. Your clients expect numerous online-enabled solutions as standard, and the Cloud lets you take these above and beyond. 

Expanding and Innovating  

Technologies are forever evolving, and from engineering to accountancy, few professional services aren’t driven by rolling tech investments. ‘Evolving’ is the key word here; where software upgrades were once iterative, often requiring regular license renewals, Cloud solutions are provided as a service. The developer rolls out any upgrades as they’re available, and the user simply takes advantage of the free performance improvements.  

But let’s take this further; let’s assume you’ve a need for bespoke, automated processes that works to your company specifics. With platforms such as Microsoft Azure, businesses can actually virtualise the hardware that makes this possible and automate processes across their business software. Your technical performance improves without costly hardware investments, and your processes are completed with barely any manual input required.  

Securing Assets  

Security remains priority for businesses nationwide – as well it should – and when the Cloud first emerged, much of the scrutiny centred on its security. Prudent, perhaps; but with the backing of a layered security solution, the Cloud has proven to be the most secure method of storing sensitive data.  

Much of this is down to Cloud service providers. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are large businesses and, as such, have a budget (and expertise) for cybersecurity far surpassing the average business. For professional services providers, who handle vast amounts of sensitive, personal and financial information, this is an encouraging precedent; so too is the fact that no attempts made to compromise these services have thus far been successful.   

No business – however fast-moving – should be held back by the constraints of budget, technology or accessibility. For the professional services industry, the Cloud provides an essential service with an almost-infinite lifespan.  

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