Huntress EDR, MDR & Security

Protect your endpoints, identities and employees with the latest managed security solutions from Huntress.

Real time protection against attacks with managed EDR, keep your M365 environments safe with MRD, and train your teams to avoid phishing, malware and more.

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Huntress MDR, EDR & Security

Switch to the ultimate managed security platform to protect your business.

Huntress provides industry leading cybersecurity protection, powered by custom-built technology designed specifically for SMBs. All backed up by 24/7 Security Operations Center analysts, so your data and endpoints are constantly managed.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
24/7 protection from incoming and ongoing cyberattacks with MDR for Microsoft 365.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Increase visibility of your endpoints to stop hackers in their tracks.

Cyber Security Training
The no.1 weak point when it comes to cybersecurity is users, make sure they’re trained and ready to spot threats.

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Managed Detection and Response for Microsoft 365

24/7 protection from incoming and ongoing cyberattacks with MDR for Microsoft 365.

Stop cyberattacks earlier and protect your cloud .

MDR helps detect and respond to early signs of cyberattack by identifying user behaviours to detect malicious activity like unauthorised access or email manipulation, and protects you before damage can occur by shutting down hackers quickly.

Protecting your cloud 24/7.

Secure your users, applications and environment with a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC). Every threat detection is human reviewed, with incident reports and actionable steps for recovery.

Improve long term security and gain time back.

Utilising context-added data and organic and external threat feeds to provide the most accurate and precise reports and threat prevention.

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Detect threats early
By leveraging common behaviour baselines, active threat detections and entry attempts are caught early.

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Respond and act quicker
24/7 SOC analysis and detection that filters out false positives to provide response steps.

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Gain time back
MRD reduces false positives allowing your team to focus their efforts on critical risks.

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24/7 protection
MDR provides 24/7 coverage and protection without the need to hire more staff to manage the platform.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

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Detect threats early
The fully managed service means all the investigation and reporting is done for you, so you only get alerts if they are a real threat.

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Enhanced threat intelligence
Tracking from initial access to eventual impact ensures you have a complete picture of how your endpoints are being targeted.

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Increased endpoint visibility
With granular visibility, exploits are tracked back to the source, making it extremely difficult for hackers to hide.

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Forensics at near-real time
If an event occurs, the SOC analysts conduct near real-time forensics to hunt threats and protect your network.

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Cybersecurity framework alignment
Mapping of malicious and suspicious processes to cybersecurity frameworks helps to better understand threat behaviours and motives.

Endpoint Protection and Response powered by process insights.

Increase visibility of your endpoints to stop hackers in their tracks.

  • Only receive incident reports when a threat is verified, or action is needed.
  • The Security Operations Center team provides added context and instructions to remediate, or take appropriate next steps, making EDR the perfect solution for non-security staff.
  • Designed around the core set of EDR capabilities insurance carriers are looking for.
  • Continuous monitoring of process executions and associated metadata makes it harder for threats that have gotten past preventive measures to hide.
  • EDR technology collects targeted process data from endpoints, without blocking or impeding any of your existing security tools.

Security Awareness Training

The no.1 weak point when it comes to cybersecurity is users.

This fun and effective security awareness training makes sure best laid security plans don’t fall down due to user error.

Yes we did just say 'fun cybersecurity training'! Not words you’d usually use in the same sentence, but Huntress cybersecurity training isn’t your average training platform.

Using behavioural science techniques like episodic storytelling, to transform your client’s and customer’s security culture and behaviours.

Users have access to a world of heroes, villains and stories to follow and educate them on the most common cyber threats. These techniques require working together to embrace security concepts and ensure users understand their role in minimising security risks.

“I actually had people reaching out to me asking, ‘when are you releasing the next video?’.

When I’d heard from Huntress that people would do this I thought, ‘uh huh, sure...’ but that really truly happened!”

Senior Information Security Manager, Webflow

Multi-tenant support

Manage all your customers in a single portal, with ecient and scalable multi-tenant features.

Ready to comply

Easy to generate and share, detailed reporting to help with audit and compliance needs.

Simplified billing

Monthly billing based on the number of aggregate active users with no per-customer minimum users. So you only pay for what you actually use.

Automated user sync

Manage customers and users automatically with integration into employee directories like M365, Okta and Google.

Custom content

Easily create custom interactive content relevant to yoru client’s needs, with video, text, links and quizzes that you can reuse across clients.

Level up your training

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