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Trusted by local businesses to be their outsourced IT department - We are known for our fast response times, friendly and experienced team and for going above and beyond. 

Our mission is to eliminate IT frustration.

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True MSP IT support Nottingham

Why over 100 local businesses trust us to provide their IT support

At True MSP, we transcend the norm of impersonal support tickets. Our approach is centred around you—the client, and it’s proven successful!

1. Exceptional Client Retention: Unlike many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who see a regular turnover of clients, we stand out with our retention record. Since our establishment in 2017, we’ve maintained 100% of our client based on our service. Our unwavering dedication to superior service is the key to our enduring client relationships. Furthermore, we’re the chosen alternative for businesses dissatisfied with other MSPs, particularly those affected by acquisitions or private equity transitions.

2. Personalised IT Support Specialists: Experience bespoke support with True MSP. Each time you reach out, you’ll interact a dedicated IT Support Specialist. Our experts are well-versed in your business, systems, and personnel, guaranteeing exceptionally swift response times. We don’t operate on a tiered support model; instead, our specialists are equipped to assist immediately or to escalate without delay.

3. An Integral Part of Your Team: Consider us an integral part of your workforce. We do more than resolve technical issues; we collaborate, strategise, and bolster your business’s growth. Our team consists of adept communicators who make tech conversations accessible and productive.

4. Comprehensive Services:

  • Tech Support: We address technical challenges and simplify your technological landscape to alleviate frustration.
  • Strategic Advice: Our IT Directors immerse themselves in your business, enhancing your current systems, software, and infrastructure. We serve as your virtual IT Director or CTO, without additional costs.
  • Cyber Security: Our dedicated Cyber team proactively fortifies your business systems and data. With round-the-clock monitoring from our Security Operations Centre (SOC), we ensure vigilant protection. Security reviews and adjustments are conducted routinely.
  • Cloud Solutions: Whether it’s Microsoft 365, Dynamics, Azure, custom hosting, or migrations, our specialist team has got it handled.
  • Backup and Business Continuity: We leave nothing to chance with your vital data. Our regular backups and comprehensive disaster recovery plans provide you with security and peace of mind.

At True MSP, we’re not merely IT support; we’re your partners in triumph. Let’s master the tech landscape together!

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Improving efficiencies

“Having worked with Tim and Neil for the past 6 years, we've been led by their advice on many projects.

Their approach is to focus on our objectives first then design and implement a system that improves efficiencies and gives our team a great IT experience, which is paramount for us as accountants who heavily rely on a fast and user-friendly network.”

Steve Shrap, Nuvo Accountancy

Enabling a roadmap to future upgrades

“We use True MSP for our IT support and the level of customer service we receive in handling day to day queries is excellent.

In addition to which their strategic advice is clear, concise and has enabled us to develop a roadmap of future upgrades to our entire IT systems and hardware.

I highly recommend their services.”

Steve Lathwood, Charnwood Accountants
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