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Protect your Microsoft 365 emails with Vade Secure

This multi-layered approach will block threats that other solutions miss.

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The native security features in Microsoft 365 may catch the obvious threats like spam. However, they don’t provide sufficient protection against more advanced attacks. Namely phishing, spear phishing, and unknown malware.

Here’s where Vade Secure comes in

Vade Secure advanced email security will integrate with Microsoft as an extra layer. Then by using machine learning it builds profiles for individuals your customers regularly communicate with and predicts patterns for new and emerging threats. Click below for a short demo of how Vade Secure works.

New threats from previous patterns

One-off spear phishing emails

Sensitive data requests

Zero-day malware hidden within documents

6 benefits of using Vade Secure

Complete 360° email protection

Get complete peace of mind by protecting users against the most complex email-borne attacks. These include malware, ransomware, phishing, spear phishing, and spam.

Easy integration with EOP

Vade Secure works natively with Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online Protection. It will enhance its security tools with real-time threat intelligence.

Familiar user experience

Vade Secure lets you continue using the Microsoft 365 experience without a separate quarantine.

Banner based warnings

These build anonymous technical and behavioural profiles to identify imposters using spear-phishing and BEC attacks. Users are then warned with banners displayed in the email.

Avoid clicking on malicious URLs

The real-time URL protection in Vade Secure determines whether the final webpage is fraudulent. It will warn users about malicious links whenever the message is received and any time a user clicks.

Constant testing and optimisation

The AI and machine-based learning models used by Vade Secure are forever being fine-tuned whilst protecting over 500 million mailboxes every day.

It couldn’t be easier to get started with Vade Secure

Easy integration with Microsoft API

No need for an MX record chance

No complex configurations

Once you start using it, Vade Secure can also analyse your emails without activating email defence and provide a full report after the initial monitoring period. This report will break down what would have happened in active mode. You can even run a zero-risk trial period in the default monitoring mode.

Talk to an expert about protecting your cloud emails