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VadeSecure – Advanced email protection for Office 365

Cyber Criminals never sleep, neither does Artificial Intelligence.

So why should I use VadeSecure? 

Office 365 has native security features which can stop some spam getting into your inbox. This level of protection isn’t sufficient to stop phishing and spear phishing attacks and doesn’t keep up with the latest threats which surface every day. VadeSecure solves this problem by using artificial intelligence to scan every email, alerting you of any malacious emails. 

How does VadeSecure work? 

VadeSecure sits outside Office 365 as a barrier between the sender and your email account. It actively scans all emails using its ehanced protection which uses machine learning to predict patterns for new and emerging threats. Over time it builds a technical profile for individuals your customers regularly communicate with, identifying malicious imposters to circumvent spear phishing attacks.  

The traditional signature-based security tools are now ineffective against new and emerging zero-day threats. By using AI and machine learning algorithms, Vade Secure identifies and predicts new threats from previous patterns, enabling their 24/7 global threat intelligence to reliably identify one-off spear phishing emails, sensitive data requests, and zero-day malware hidden in executable files, PDFs, Office documents and more. 

Many of our clients already use VadeSecure so If spam emails are a problem for your business and you use Office 365, please get in touch. Call 01332 948600 to speak to our Cyber Security specialists and read more about VadeSecure here.