VoIP phones: the telecoms system offering unified communication and improved efficiency straight out of the box

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Voice Over Internet Protocol is the official term for VoIP phones; a phone system delivered over the internet. Since it doesn’t rely on physical wires and a phone company, it’s typically cheaper than a landline.

90% Savings on international calls
75% Savings on operational costs
40% savings on local call bills

Plus, its lack of reliance on hardware gives it a number of other benefits.


VoIP phones can work from any computing device


Users can be easily added and removed as employees come and go.

Superior functionality:

Superior functionality: VoIP phones typically have a clearer call quality and range of efficiency boosting features like CRM integration.

Click below to download our VoIP eBook and learn more about the benefits of VoIP phones. You’ll get a detailed overview of VoIP’s benefits, what your business might look like with VoIP phones implemented, and what True MSP’s roadmap to getting started with VoIP phones looks like.

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Achieve all these benefits and more with 3CX

The 3CX system can be installed onto your existing server or we can host it in our datacentre to offer you a telephony system that requires as little management as possible from your end. After talking through any requirements with our customers our team work to optimise new 3CX VoIP phone systems to ensure maximum benefit.

3CX features include


Auto Attendant


Call Transfer


Call forward on Busy/No answer




Call Reporting




Voicemail and Hold Music


Digital Receptionist


Call routing by Direct Dial


Centralised Phonebook


MWI-Message Waiting Phonebook


Call Parking/Pickup


Smart Phone Client


Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneously

In fact, we think so highly of 3CX, we use it in our own offices for all our day-to-day phone communications. Plus, many of our clients have already moved to 3CX VoIP phones; another testament to how well the system works across multiple business sectors. True MSP currently supports 800+ users across more than 45 clients. Call centres, distribution companies, and accountants alike have all been helped by 3CX VoIP phones.

Getting started with True MSP’s VoIP services couldn’t be more straightforward

Step 1:

Discovery and understanding your business challenges.

Step 2:

Providing a roadmap outlining what needs to be done.

Step 3:

Delivering what’s outlined in the roadmap and providing ongoing support.

Our packages offer flexible management with all updates and configuration changes fully covered. Speak to a VoIP phones expert